Complex Litigation

Wasch Raines litigation attorneys are dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective representation to you and your business.

What makes litigation “complex”? Wasch Raines defines complex litigation as disputes that present unusual challenges because of the nature of the underlying facts, the amount of documentation at issue, the number of parties, the high stakes dollar amount or injunctive relief in dispute, and the pendency of other related actions.  When our clients are involved in complex litigation cases, we work to solve problems creatively in ways that are consistent with the strategic goals and budget of our clients.  For the majority of cases, our lawyers work to posture the case with the goal of achieving as favorable of a settlement as is possible.

Our attorneys have the experience and know-how to handle the complex issues and get results.  We handle “simple” litigation too for our business clients and individuals involved in small claims and breach of contract type disputes but we treat each matter independently and will not cut-and-paste our way through your case.  We represent clients in front of trial judges, juries, arbitrators, and mediators for matters that range from the common contract or shareholder disputes in state court, to multi-million dollar trademark and business disputes in federal court. For our clients, the most important case is one they are involved in, and we give your case the priority that it deserves.

Here are just some of our litigation practice areas:
• Commercial Contract Disputes
• Franchise Law Disputes
• Commercial and Residential Construction Law
• Intellectual Property
• Shareholder Disputes
• Employment Law (FMLA, ERISA, EEOC, FLSA, etc.)
• Foreclosure Defense
• Aviation Litigation
• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
• Landlord/Tenant Litigation
• Bankruptcy Litigation/Fraudulent Transfers
• Collections
• Professional Malpractice
• RICO/Unfair and Deceptive Practices
• Select Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Matters

All of these areas of litigation have their own particular requirements, and depending on the facts of your case we can take a strategic approach to reaching a conclusion. In some cases, simple negotiation with the other party may bring a settlement or agreement, while in other situations we will have to commit to trial litigation to present your position fully. In any case, we bring a thorough knowledge of the law and how it can be applied, combined with our courtroom experience and advocacy skills.

What Wasch Raines Offers as a Complex Litigation Law Firm

complex litigation law firmWe provide our clients with litigation budgets and stick to them, knowing that cost-efficiency is an essential part of resolving a dispute. Our approach is to keep our clients in the loop every step of the way, and one way we do that is to give our clients our cell phone numbers for ease of contact. That way, you will always know the status of your case and the next steps required to continue.

We offer litigation services on a reasonable hourly basis with capped fees if the case calls for it and also offer our clients flexible contingency-based fee structures for select matters. We understand that our clients occasionally don’t have big litigation budgets so we always have an eye on resolution leading to settlement. If you or your business have recently become involved in a dispute , please contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to represent you and your business.

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