Wasch Raines LLP Franchise Attorneys Announce Launch of Franchise Formations



The franchise attorneys at Wasch Raines LLP, Adam G. Wasch and Joseph C. Wasch, have teamed up with international franchise consultants at Americas Franchising Group in Doral, Florida, to form a full service one-stop shop for international and domestic businesses looking to franchise in the United States market.

Franchise Formations was launched to service the growing demand of international businesses and franchise systems looking to expand into the United States market.  There are dozens of franchise systems and businesses headquartered in Brazil and Latin America that have jumped into the Miami and South Florida market with great success.  Many successful business owners in Brazil, in particular, have explored the idea of franchising in the United States for immigration purposes utilizing the EB-5 or E-2 visa program. The Franchise Formations legal and consulting team takes international business to market as a legally compliant franchise system in the United States. For more information about the menu of services offered by Franchise Formations, please visit the website at formafranchise.com and email [email protected]

“We are excited to work with John Canaday and Veronica Mendieta-Canaday at Americas Franchising Group on this venture.  With their franchise expertise and knowledge of the franchise markets in Brazil and Latin America combined with our experience in counseling startup  franchisors and preparing franchise documents, we feel that we can offer a cost-efficient, soup-to-nuts experience for businesses looking to expand through franchising,” says Franchise Formations partner Adam G. Wasch. “There are many  ‘franchise consultants’ out there offering a similar experience but it is difficult to know which are trustworthy and who is going to leave you high and dry.  We believe in building a solid infrastructure to maximize our clients’ franchise unit sales potential.  We also think it’s a no-brainer to go with a franchise team that offers experienced franchise lawyers, bound to a standard of ethics, at no additional cost to the client.”

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