Startup Companies

Wasch Raines Attorneys are Entrepreneurs Who Understand the Challenges Startup Businesses Face.

The attorneys at Wasch Raines have an entrepreneurial spirit. We are business lawyers who understand the challenges that startup companies face. We represent companies in early-stages of formation and entrepreneurs looking to start businesses. Many of our clients are in emerging growth industries that require creative financing and agreements that are structured to accommodate rapid expansion opportunities.

florida startup business lawyersOur startup clients come from a variety of industries including tech, healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, apparel, restaurants, wellness and aviation. We handle the legal minutiae so that our clients can stick to working on the growth of their business. We understand the cash flow and working capital challenges of a startup so we offer flexible fee arrangements based on our involvement.

Here are just some of the startup services we offer our clients:

  • Strategic Entity Formation
  • Dissolving Entities
  • Bank Financing
  • Equity Agreements
  • Entity Conversions
  • Employee Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Asset or Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Terms of Use & Privacy Policies
  • Angel Round Financing
  • Dissolving Entities


The Legal and Financial Challenges Facing Start Ups

At Wasch Raines, we understand the challenges that entreprenuers face when starting a new venture of any kind, and we want to be at your side to find solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. When you are one of our clients we will strive to be both responsive and flexible in meeting your needs. Some potential challenges for startups and emerging businesses include:

  •      Availability of Financing
  •      State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
  •      Business Formation Strategies
  •      Executive Compensation Including Stock and Options

Let us counsel you in all of these areas and more, and advise you on potential strategies and outcomes. In cases where disputes may arise, we are prepared to represent you in any negotiation or adversarial setting necessary. Please contact us for a free consultation so that we can discuss our plan to support your startup and make the process as smooth as possible. We look forward to being your legal partner and advocate in growing your new enterprise.

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